Opportunities for Accountants

A degree in accounting will provide you with a variety of options and opportunities. Accounting graduates can choose traditional accounting careers or they can branch out to become appraisers, budget officers, loan officers, financial analysts and managers, actuaries, underwriters, tax collectors and revenue agents, securities sales representatives, and purchasing agents. An accounting degree can also lead to a career with the police, or you may even want to set up your own firm.

Money magazine has called accounting one of the 50 hottest jobs, and job growth in that field is very strong.

To become an accountant you must take an accounting program in college or university, and then you must be certified to work in the field. You of course need to take math in school, and accountants require strong communication skills, as well. So if you want to be an accountant, study hard in math and English, and start thinking about which post-secondary institute might interest you and learn more about their entrance requirements. That way, you won’t be disappointed later.


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