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Health & Fitness

Being fit and healthy is essential to doing well at school. If you don’t feel your best or your tummy is struck with hunger pangs, it’s pretty hard to concentrate on your schoolwork. The Seventh Generation Club is pleased to offer you some tips and ideas about how to stay in excellent health. These tips include nutritional advice, some fun and yummy recipes that you can make with your friends, and some fun exercise ideas for you and your whole family!

Food & Recipes

A balanced and wholesome diet is essential for maintaining a healthy body, but it’s also important that the food you eat tastes good too! K.G.Coyote, together with some friends from the First Nations Parents Club, have put together an assortment of recipes in an easy-to-use Recipe Book, that are not only healthy and nutritious but that taste yummy too. Why not ask your parents if you can try some out, and then let your taste buds be the judge?

Remember, always ask permission from a parent or caregiver before you start cooking and an adult should always be present if you are using the stovetop or oven.

If you are new to cooking, have a peek at our Recipe Guide, which tells you how to read a recipe so that your goodies come out just right! The Recipe Guide has handy tips on terms sometimes used in recipes and some helpful measurement information.

Exercise Rules!

Exercise isn’t just about sports and organized activities ~ you actually exercise every day without even thinking about it. Every time you run up the stairs to your bedroom, or jump on your bike to go to school, or play a game of hide-and-seek, you are exercising because your body is active and moving. When your Mom asks you to run down to the shop to fetch some milk, take the dog for a walk, or drop something off at a friend’s house, you are exercising. That’s in addition to the swimming, playing hockey, soccer, athletics, skiing and all of the other organized sports that you enjoy.

All this exercise makes your heart pump, which is good for you for many reasons. Exercise keeps your mind and body healthy and it keeps you looking and feeling good.

Why Exercise?

Everybody says that exercising is good for you, but why is it important for kids to keep their bodies physically fit?

  • Keeping active helps to ensure healthy growth and development of your bones and body.
    Exercise helps you to strengthen your heart, the most important muscle in your body. A strong heart will stand you in good stead for a lifetime.
  • Exercise teaches you about rules and discipline, especially organized sports that require dedication and practice.
  • Exercise gives you skills and tools that will help you with other things, such as hand to eye coordination, balance etc.
  • Exercise can help you keep an average weight.
  • Exercise is social and it’s fun. What better way is there to meet new people or hang out with your friends?

Have a look at my Top 5 Exercise Tips and keep track of your physical fitness habits using my handy Activity Chart!


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