About the Seventh Generation Club

Established in 1997,  Seventh Generation Club provides fun, age-appropriate and engaging opportunities to support First Nations students to make healthy choices, participate in sports and community activities, and most importantly, regularly attend and stay in school.

The Club is coordinated by the First Nations Education Steering Committee and First Nations Schools Association and has strong partnerships with the First Nations Health Authority and the Vancouver Canucks.

Approximately 130 schools from across BC participate in the club, and about 8000 students are members of the club.

Mission Statement

To create a club where First Nations youth can envision their future by recognizing their own energy, the culture of their people, and the teamwork needed to succeed by giving them opportunities to make healthy life choices, participate in community, and meet the challenges of life.


Attendance Incentives: Students who have demonstrated excellent attendance throughout the school year will receive a certificate and a prize.

Newsletters: newsletters are distributed during the school year to all Club members, featuring fun facts, contests, and information that will help kids succeed in school.

Daytimers: each club member receives a daytimer that they can use to build strong study and organization habits throughout the school year.  The daytimers are full of information to help them succeed in school, prepare them for higher education, and engage in career planning from an early age. We are grateful to the First Nations Healthy Authority for their ongoing support for the creation of the daytimers and the health career and wellness content they provide for the daytimer.  To be eligible for the daytimers, your club needs to have been registered one year in advance, as we have limited supply.

Science Day: The Club holds an annual Science Day to educate students about the exciting world of science and science careers.

Sports Day: The Club organizes an annual Sports Day to promote healthy living, teamwork and fun. All participating schools receive ribbons and buttons for participants.

Contests: Club contests are featured in each of the newsletters and only members of the Club can win. Some of the great prizes given out are books, Seventh Generation Club hats, backpacks and various Canucks items.





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