What Does An Architect Do?

Most people become architects because they want to create new buildings and be a part of building magnificent monuments and homes. But did you know that architects also research building codes and work closely with clients. Successful architects are usually really good listeners and communicators, and they are creative as well as detail-oriented.

To become an architect you must take a post-secondary program specifically focused on architecture. Today, successful architects also need a good understanding of computers. Beginning architects have an average starting salary of $ 24,700, but after 10 years in the profession, the average salary is about $ 80,000 per year.

Does that career sound right for you? If so, don’t forget to keep taking English and math, and make sure you graduate from grade 12 with excellent grades. You can also use the internet to research more about the exciting field of architecture to see whether it’s a job you want to pursue.

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