Carey Newman

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Carey Newman, a Kwagiulth artist, member of the Fort Rupert Band, is co-owner of the Blue Raven Gallery ( Prominent among the younger generation of native artists and under the direction of his father and mother, Carey developed an artistic ability and cultural knowledge from an early age. Carey was home-schooled as a child and he grew up in a house that didn’t have a television set. Today, Carey says that not having a television was a good thing because it eliminated a big distraction.

Through his travels of the world, Carey has visited Europe, the South Pacific, and he even rode his bicycle through New Zealand at the age of 16. When Carey reached the ages of 18 and 19 he went through a stage of being a “misdirected youth”. He was rebellious, but with the help of his parents, friends, and family he journeyed through it. During this time Carey “gained a sense of cultural pride”.

At one time in his life he tried to start a business, work on his art, attend university, and take piano and singing lessons. Carey realized that, “I had to set goals and not try to do everything at once.”,

“I’m proud to be Native and also proud of my Scottish/English/Irish heritage”. Carey’s message to First Nations kids is to “Take pride in your heritage, and have confidence in your abilities for there is nothing that First Nations youth cannot achieve.” Carey discovered himself with the help of role models and he, in turn became a role model. “As a person, continuing to grow, I realize that I have to focus on the wonderment of life and recapture the curiosity that all children have.”

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