Dave Griffin

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“Don’t let failure stop you from trying again. And again. And again!” says Dave Griffin.

Born and raised in Gitwinksihlkw of the Nass Valley, Nisga’a Nation, Dave has come full circle. After many years away from his community, he is now the Principal of Gitwinksihlkw Elementary School.
Upon graduation from high school, Dave attended Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario. Following four long and difficult years, he left Queen’s just two credits short of a degree in the sciences. Through that time of turmoil, Dave played varsity volleyball and soccer for the university. Sports and exercise helped him keep a positive attitude, and still do today.

After working for one year as a home school coordinator, Dave Griffin decided that what he really wanted to do was to become a teacher. He attended Malaspina College in Nanaimo, and then went to the University of Victoria. Dave graduated with a Bachelor of Education, Physical Education and Biology degree. During that time, he found that (once again) sports gave him the physical, mental and spiritual energy he needed to complete his studies.

Dave decided to return to the Nass Valley, and taught science and math at the Nisga’a Elementary and Secondary School for two years, before becoming Principal at Gitwinksihlkw School.

Believe it or not – despite the hard work and the massive amounts of time that education requires, Dave is again enrolled in university. In October 1998, he got his Masters Degree in Education Administration from Simon Fraser University.

Stepping Stones
How did you get to where you are now?

Dave Griffin
Education is becoming more and more important in our ever-changing world.

Thinking About School
A living example of that “never give up attitude”, Dave says this is the best possible advice that he can give club members.
– Dave

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