Ian Campbell

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Ian Campbell has many names. He is called Xalek, his chieftain name is Sekyu Siyam, and his nickname is lan. He is the youngest of the sixteen hereditary Chiefs of the Squamish Nation, and he is a descendant of the Squamish and Musqueam First Nations of the Coast Salish People. Xalek grew up speaking the Squamish language and his grandfather taught him to hunt and to respect nature. His passion in life, singing, has taken him around the world, representing his people in several singing groups. He strongly believes in sharing the spiritual and cultural values of the Coast Salish people to help educate others, bridge the gap between cultures, and promote closer relations. His goal is to maintain a healthy lifestyle and restore the legacy that his ancestors have left for him. He is grateful to his elders and family for giving him strength, guidance, and discipline.

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