Mike Jackson

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During summer, when most 14 year olds were enjoying the summer break and doing things like playing ball, swimming, or fishing, Mike Jackson was doing something quite different. He was representing Canada at the Super Series Challenge Cup in Czechoslovakia, as part of the Vancouver All-Stars.

Mike, who is a member of the Spallumcheen Band, was the only First Nations person playing in the world tournament. And while there, Mike scored 6 goals and added 10 assists, in just six games, helping to lead Canada to win the tournament, which included teams from Germany, Sweden, Poland, Russia, and the home favourites Czechoslovakia.

And although just 14, Mike’s already setting more goals. Even with all of this attention Mike has managed to keep his priorities straight. He doesn’t smoke, drink, or do drugs, and knows that if he wants a shot at making it to the NHL, he has to put in a lot of hard work.

Mike also understands the value of good education. B.C. boys Paul Kariya, Steve Kariya, Jason Krog, and Bill Muckalt, are just a few of the recent examples that demonstrate that no matter what your dreams, staying in school and valuing the benefits of a good education can only help you in life.

Mike’s parents have played a major role in helping him achieve his goals, as well as having the help of his Spallumcheen community and two hockey foundations which helped finance his trip to the European tournament. As Mike says, the entire trip and the experience of winning the gold medal was “unbelievable”, and he is extremely grateful to everybody who has helped him along the way.

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