Trevor A. Joe

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Helping at school was nota big deal for Trevor A. Joe. As a grade twelve student at Chatelech Secondary School and a Sechelt Band member, he was a volunteer peer mediator and counselor at his school and he also acted as a Student Advisor. Trevor has received a certificate for “Outstanding Athletic Abilities” and helps coach the grade eight basketball team.

This summer, Trevor worked as a Child Care Worker for the Sechelt Band. He set up outdoor activities for the local children and listened to all of their interesting stories. He makes presentations to local elementary and secondary schools on the dangers of drugs, alcohol, cigarette smoking and racism. Trevor is also part of the Justice Circle at Chatelech Secondary School, where if a child does something wrong the Circle decides his/her consequences.

Trevor has two younger brothers and is very dedicated to his family and friends. He is very outgoing, easy to talk to, and sensitive to others.

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