Are You Interested in the Exciting World of Networking, Marketing, and Public Relations?

If you are interested in being involved in marketing, advertising, or public relations, it’s best to start early on your career plans. Marketing, advertising, and public relations are busy, competitive fields that are great for people who are confident, who like working with other people, who know how to be a team player, and are excellent verbal and written communicator. You’ll also need an outgoing personality and self-discipline to be successful in those deadline-oriented career areas where a 9-to-5 schedule is not the norm.

Employment of marketing, advertising, and public relations managers is expected to increase quickly, and salaries for people who are good at those jobs can be very high.

What can you do now to learn more about these fields and prepare for a career in this area? Try some informational interviewing and internet research to learn about job opportunities and trends in the industry. You should also work hard in English and math, and get ready for college or university programs focused on business and management. Practice your writing and speaking skills in particular. That way, you can fulfill your dream of being an advertising executive or public relations expert.


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