Have You Ever Thought About Being a Pharmacist?

Pharmacists have very important and challenging jobs that help people stay healthy and safe. Pharmacists prepare medicines for people who need them, based upon prescriptions from a doctor, dentist or veterinarian. Pharmacists also provide information to the public on the safe and appropriate use of a variety of medicines.

Pharmacists are often asked to advise doctors and other health practitioners on the selection, dosages and side effects of medication. They also help to identify, prevent, and resolve medication-related problems.

Pharmacists must therefore have well developed research, communications, and problem-solving skills, and they must enjoy working with the public and continually learning knew things.

If you are interested in this exciting work, check out the University of British Columbia (UBC) web site at UBC offers a four-year Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy that will lead you to a career as a pharmacist. Admission prerequisites include completion of one year of university science, which includes biology, chemistry, English, math and physics. Most colleges and university colleges in B.C. offer those prerequisite courses, but in order to get into those programs you will need to complete English, math, and sciences in high school.

Remember to start your educational and career planning early so that you have all the courses you need to reach your goals. You also might want to check out for more information about a career as a pharmacist.


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